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Under-18s Battle

Of the Bands

Saturday 13th July


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Band entries now CLOSED.

Shortlist announced 10 June

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The Experience

All shortlisted bands get:

  • Free rehearsal ​space*
  • Performance ​opportunities
  • Free photography ​and videography of ​competition ​performance


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*subject to availability

You can win:

  • 60 hours free rehearsal space*
  • Personalised band merch
  • A selection of awesome performance ​opportunities including...

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2023 Competition Awards

OVERALL BOTB 2023 WINNERS, presented by the Jersey Music ​Association - jims house

STAGE PRESENCE "Most Caffeinated Performance", presented by ​Bean Around the World - Something

ORIGINALITY "Play Your Way", presented by Madhatter - Clueless

BEST INSTRUMENTALITY "Rock God", presented by Island Music - ​jims house

BEST VOCALS "Velvet Vocals", presented by The Royal Yacht - ​The Nike Tix

BEST SUPPORTING MEMBER "Intuitive Listener", presented by The ​Hearing Healthcare Centre - Jeans on the Floor

MOST CREATIVE COVER "Cover Creativity", presented by Music ​Managed - TAB

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What is the age range of bands encouraged to participate?

If you are aged 14-18, you can compete. Meaning a 14-year-old, and an 18-year-old

can compete.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

The event takes place in the nightclub of the Watersplash. It is wheelchair accessible,

with an accessible toilet, also.

Can my children attend unsupervised?

We do not offer any supervision of children. Children under the age of 13 should

have the appropriate supervision of any other live music event. Anyone under the age

of 18 cannot attend the afterparty.

Is there a restriction on instruments?

BOTB will try to be as accommodating as possible. However, there are limits on

what we can provide. After applying, shortlisted bands will be contacted about

their performance requirements.

Will the event be ticketed?

The event will be free to attend. However, the venue has a capacity of 200 which

the audience will be capped at. Attendees will be encouraged to donate and fundraise

for next year's competition.


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Thank you to our 2024 local sponsors...

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Click HERE

for tickets

Saturday 13 July

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Under-18s Botb


Inky Sketch Vinyl Record


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The Team

Melissa Donoghue

Alex Quintal

Sofia Pesco

Andrew Lin

The Under-18s Battle of the Bands is an initiative led by Jessica Donoghue on behalf of the Jersey Music Association. Our aim is to deliver an annual grassroots event to provide an entryway for young bands into the local music scene.

Smaller fundraising gigs will take place throughout the year to continue providing performance opportunities for young bands, and encourage the cross-over and sense of community between already established bands, and new ones.

Give Jersey's talented young bands a place to rock out!

Annette Blanchet

Philly Le Feuvre

Zak Langlois

Gitte-Maj Donoghue

Jessica Donoghue

Martin Coxshall

Jared Crespel

Francis Murton

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What is the Jersey Music Association?

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The Association was founded in January 2021 as a voice for the musical ​community in Jersey, in particular:

1. To foster communication between all those involved in music in Jersey.

2. To be a voice for the musical community in Jersey.

3. To engage with Government on all matters related to music in Jersey.

4. To support the development of music, musical opportunities and ​musicians in Jersey.

5. To build a positive framework for the future of music in Jersey.

Since it was formed the Association has attracted support from ​hundreds of performers, teachers, composers who live and work in ​Jersey.

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To find out more or join our mailing list, visit